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We design a new generation of bioplastic materials for
value-added consumer products


named after Nuatanbu Island in the Pacific Ocean that has been swallowed by rising sea levels caused by climate change.


We believe there is a radically better way to design consumer products that are compatible with Earth. It has become clear to us that plastics must be replaced on the market. By connecting institutional research with commercial design, we developed a unique biobased material that will accelerate the transition to the circular economy and move us closer to a sustainable future.


Founded by interdisciplinary research of six-years between three partners: the designers of the crafting plastics studio, the research company PANARA and the material scientists at the Slovak University of Technology 

Manufactured from 100% renewable resources


Stable & durable

Using the patented Nonoilen® technology, NUATAN is made of two biopolymers Polylactic acid (PLA) and Polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB). These are produced out of natural resources e.g. corn starch, potato starch or used cooking oil.

NUATAN degrades in industrial compost into water, CO2 and biomass within 120 days. Currently we are also working on a home-compost version.

Depending on the blend,
NUATAN can last dozens of years, can withstand high pressure and resist temperatures of up to 100°C.

100% biobased
ade of raw renewable resource

100% biodegradable
decomposts within 120 days

high-temperature resistance
withstands 100°C degrees

new aesthetics,
visually unique, coloured with natural pigments

nontoxic and non-allergic

patented and manufactured in Europe - Slovakia

With its exceptional properties, NUATAN can be processed by standard plastic industry technologies as injection moulding, 3D printing, extruding,
CNC milling, laser cutting,
heat pressing, etc.
The results are innovative bioplastics with unique aesthetics suited for
high-quality consumer products. They are biobased, biodegradable, durable and heat stable when they need to be.
NUATAN can be tailored into a variety of end materials for applications ranging from interior objects, fashion accessories, houseware, to consumer electronics parts.







To date, we have established successful partnerships with best-in-class furniture and houseware companies, fashion brands, innovation leaders and many more.

We are looking for forward-thinking companies with strong values of innovation and environmental responsibility to build durable consumer products together.


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or you would like to interview us.


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Vlasta Kubušová
founder of NUATAN

Startup Awards 2016
Category Design, Finalist

Designblok 2016
Diploma Selection
Best Product Design Award

Slovak National Prize 
Design Award 2017

German Design Award 2018
Best Newcomer Nominee

Green Concept Award 2017